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3863 S Degnan features a bright open floor plan, a spacious kitchen, a large marble island, exposed beams and natural light!


Originally from Germany, Silke spent part of her early career flying around the world with Lufthansa. During these travels, she loved learning about all the diversity different countries have to offer, from different cultures and art styles to cuisines, musical genres, and more. In the process, Silke gained a deep understanding of people and how they live — as well as what it takes to make them happy and “at home.” 

Silke continues to love exploring the world and honing her keen eye for design. When she’s not working or traveling, she enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and cats. It’s this globe-trotting perspective and family know-how that gives Silke the ability to curate her services for each client, with the knowledge that while not every home is for everyone, there is the right home for everybody.

A former fashion model, Silke is fluent in both German and English and has an education in finance. This robust background allows her to balance an eye for style and beauty with a solid knowledge of what it takes to make a deal that works for both sellers and buyers.

Silke Fernald leads the West Adams office alongside Dominique Madden.

Modern living room feature black and white pieces. Bright natural light streaming in the dining room window in the back of the photo.


Are you interested in the buying process/or wondering what your home is worth?

Contact me! cell  213.910.9018  or send an email to

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